Remote Technical Support Reduces Overall IT Expenses With Shorter Response Times

Many workstation issues can be solved remotely without the need for an on-site visit. When that’s the case, utilising remote access reduces the expenses of the IT provider which are then passed on to you. This also allows for faster response times since the technician doesn’t need to physically drive to your business.

While remote technical support isn’t new, a part of the managed IT provider’s toolset includes easy remote access to all workstations on your network. This means issues can be looked at quickly without needing to dispatch a technician to your location.

Not all issues can be solved remotely, such as hardware issues where the PC needs a component replaced or isn’t booting, but the majority of day-to-day issues that take up your employees valuable time, such as errors, application issues, and support questions don’t require an on-site visit and can be resolved quickly if remote access is readily available.

Remote access is secure, and is included in Kogo’s monitoring and maintenance toolset, making it a simple, cost effective addition to any small business’ IT package.

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