With a Trusted Managed IT Consultant Your Business Wont Need to Rely on Vendor Support

When technology fails, your first inclination is to contact the vendor to try to get as much free support as possible. This usually includes long, pointless phone calls where you or your employees get cycled around a call centre. More often than not the issue doesn’t get fixed on the first call and you are back to square one. Kogo can not only handle specific hardware and software support, but handle managing your IT vendors for you.

Managed IT firms often build relationships with vendors. This means things like warranty and support agreements can all be handled by your outsourced IT firm instead of by your employees, and support for specific hardware and software can be done right through your IT consultant instead of by multiple vendors. This gives you and your staff a single point of contact for all of your technical support needs.

On top of that, often managed IT firms like Kogo Limited deal with specific vendors and have access to special solutions and services that aren’t always offered to small businesses, such as bulk licensing and better support options.

Being able to funnel all of your IT support and have one support number for all issues alleviates a lot of time and hassle for your employees when they need support, and a good IT firm that practices managed IT should be able to cover that for your business.

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