5 Things to Consider When Moving to Cloud Solutions

Are you considering moving your company from on-premise file-storage or e-mail to cloud based solutions? Are you thinking it’s time to move to an online finance or CRM system for more flexibility and better productivity when away from the office? Or perhaps you are already at the frontier of this technology, and your company already uses cloud-based solutions like Office 365, Dropbox, Sage 200, or any of the countless others, but performance continues to be an issue  One way or another, SaaS (Software as a Service) and increased reliance on IT have revolutionised how we use the internet; yet, many companies still put up with home internet packages, or broadband not suited to their needs not realising there is a far better option available.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you might choose to get a leased line over broadband, and why.

1. Why a Leased Line?

Rather than paying for a standard line that is routed and shared with everyone else, a leased line is a line dedicated to your company. As it isn’t paired or bundled with other lines, it is often of a much higher quality than the bulk broadband lines normally used.

So, what are the benefits?