Apple Watch Review

I was visiting a client who had just purchased an Apple Watch and it was just left on a desk not being used. I had looked at them a few days previously thinking I might want one but I wasn’t sure what it was supposed to do. It is funny that many technology products are purchased without a real understanding of what they are for. I agreed to help my poor client and product test his device for him; meaning I would be able to justify a purchase of my own.

My first impression was that it is no bigger or heavier than a large watch. The Watch needs the iPhone to pair with in order to operate; pairing was an easy process and within 20 minutes it was ready to go. Applications are being written for the Watch all the time, and applications that you have installed on your phone that support the Watch are automatically installed to it. You can add more apps for the Watch from your phone.

The first thing I did was upgrade the WatchOS to v2.1. I noticed I was able to reply to texts and emails once this upgrade was complete.