Chris, the Kogo Dispatcher

There are a lot of things that set Kogo apart as an IT company, but an important part of our operations is the unique role of the dispatcher within our company. Our dispatcher, Chris Sugg, oversees all incoming support tickets and calls and ensures they are seen to by the right people in the right timeframe. He makes it a priority to know all of Kogo’s clients and the engineers who know their systems best, so he can always get problems seen to as fast as possible.

I am always impressed by Chris’ exceptional ability to work so calmly under pressure. Every day Chris is called upon to orchestrate the triaging of tickets, the sorting of calls, and the logistics of vans and site visits. No matter how many priority requests come in at once, Chris is capable of keeping his many plates spinning with ease, ensuring every aspect of the engineering workflow is running smoothly.

The typical method of helpdesk support is the tiered helpdesk, where all callers reach scripted first-line support with little to no technical knowledge, and the issue gets escalated through tiers of the support trees, often bouncing between departments. This system can be frustrating, especially when you have to jump between multiple departments and tiers to get an answer.