What is Friendly WiFi, and How Can it Help Your Business?

People are connecting to WiFi everywhere these days. From restaurants to busses, planes to park benches, almost anything can be a WiFi hotspot. That’s all well and good, but another change slowly entering our society is the age at which children start to use technology and the internet. When I was young, the only way I could access the internet was from a strictly monitored family computer, but these days that just isn’t the case – you regularly see young children walking about with phones and tablets, all of which can connect to any old hotspot.

Of course, there’s plenty of great reasons for children to use the internet while out and about. From online learning resources and maps through to new gaming crazes like Pokémon Go that are getting kids more active, a lot of children are now accessing the internet through sources other than the family router, meaning filtering the content they see is becoming more and more challenging. Alongside all that good content on the internet, there is also content we don’t want children to see, such as web pages dangerous to children or pornographic websites. Parents wanted a system to know when they can trust publicly available WiFi, feeling safe that their kids are able to access the content they want while not putting them at risk of encountering something adult.