Mobile Security Solutions for any Business

More and more devices are being brought into the office these days. Employees have mobile phones and tablets, and visitors or clients may well bring their own devices as well. Anything that you allow to connect to your network presents a new vector for an infection or attack, so it is important to ensure that you properly protect your systems from the threats that mobile devices pose.

Below are a few of the modern methods of implementing mobile security that we recommend.

Access Control

Access control allows you to keep a tight rein on a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy. By setting up access control you can limit who can connect to your network, reducing threats by a huge degree.

For instance; many attacks need to root/jailbreak a mobile device to use it as a vector to infect a network. Using access control you can simply block any rooted or jailbroken devices from connecting to your network, stopping those infections before they start.

By using a sophisticated hardware firewall with access control you can also limit access based on operating system, or phones that download apps from unauthorised sources.

When combined with intelligent malware scanning, access control can massively increase your network security.