Our Ongoing Success

Kogo celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2018; it was a great time to launch a new website and have fun with a “Find the Hearts” competition to coincide with Valentines day, starting the year off in a good direction. As the Kogo team grew we had the challenge of finding more office space and in early spring a new home for our finance team was constructed in the corner of our warehouse; this, combined with reconfiguring the office layout, created an opportunity to expand both the technical and sales team.

As we highlighted on our new website, our ongoing specialisation in cybersecurity attracted businesses who valued our proactive approach to addressing vulnerabilities that could and would be exploited by cybercriminals. With the additional demand on our technical services attention was turned first to making sure we were GDPR compliant with a more efficient and robust document management system, then maintaining an excellent customer satisfaction experience and finally putting in place a level of management that would continue to develop the team.

Our first step was the implementation of IT Glue, a powerful IT documentation platform that integrated into our existing systems. This allowed us to find, track, and monitor everything about our clients while securely holding that data, their digital footprint, in a vault behind a password-protected, multifactor authentication login. This provided us with the best practice approach with unmatched efficiency, transparency, and consistency throughout our organisation when working with our clients.

This IT documentation system not only provided a centralised vault for our technicians, it also meant that our Account Managers were able to provide their clients with a runbook that showcased all their IT infrastructure including servers, workstations, operating servers, warranties, certificates, and software. With this ability to track assets, domains, and SSLs our clients felt more in control of their IT environment and therefore their budgets going forward.

The second step was a delightful outcome of our first, as our team became more productive and efficient our customer reviews in 2018, of which 98.8% were positive, it was quite an achievement when we found that we were rated 2nd in the country against peers using the same CSAT system.

The third step was an important move for Kogo: I was invited on to the Executive Council of CompTIA UK. CompTIA is the voice for the world’s Information Technology industry and has brought together the IT space to create an open dialogue between IT vendors and partners. I’ve been a member of this association for many years, and it was a great honour to be invited on the Council. One of the benefits of becoming more involved was networking with other directors, when they made the recommendations that I join IT Nation Evolve (formally HGT Peer Group), I did. This member- based community is helping me to focus on my journey to grow and develop both my professional and personal life. At their suggestion I hired an Operations Manager and stepped back from dealing with everyday issues, so I could focus on the strategic direction of my company.

With a strong team in place and regular meetings ensuring we are all moving forward in the same direction, I can look back on 2018 with immense satisfaction, knowing that I’m heading into this year from a secure position for growth.

Finally, just as 2018 ended I learned that I had been accepted onto the board of the Sussex Chamber of Commerce where I will help champion cybersecurity and support the strategic direction of the company. The year couldn’t have ended on a better note.

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