Practical Steps for GDPR Readiness


It’s been announced that UK data protection laws are being overhauled to bring them in line with the GDPR, which will come into force this spring: May 25th 2018. Because of this, it is even more critical that companies assess their cybersecurity and ensure their company is protected from the threat of a cyber-attack. Should that cyber-attack result in a data breach the fines under this new legislation can be up to 34 times more than previously. Many companies are still very vulnerable to a cyber-attack, but have very simple to fix security issues that can be resolved easily. If you want to discuss your options for assessing and improving your cybersecurity call us on 01342 333000.

If you’re reading this, you know the GDPR is coming, you know it’s serious, and you’re smart enough to know you should be doing something about it, but where to begin? (If you don’t know about the GDPR then visit: What is the General Data Protection Regulation?). The GDPR is coming in less than a year, and most UK businesses haven’t even begun to take steps to get compliant. It’s not something you can prepare for in a few weeks, and if company-wide changes are rushed they could lead to serious errors, or cause interdepartmental chaos.

So, where to begin?

What Can I Do?

The most important first step is to ensure your cybersecurity is sound.  Just doing this will go a long way to reducing fines if you do experience a breach, as you’ll place yourself in a “Defensible Position” by showing your pro-active commitment to data protection.

To properly protect yourself, you need to do your best to ensure no breaches take place in the first place; and then show proof you did your absolute best to protect user data should one occur.