How to Prepare for a Data Disaster

The battle between businesses and cybercriminals is constantly raging, and these days it is more active than ever. Even though with proper preparation and modern technology it is possible to give yourself a significant advantage over the criminals, it is impossible to be certain you will not suffer a data breach or attack. For this reason, it is vital to prepare in advance for disaster, so you can respond quickly and effectively when it happens.

Follow the steps below to ensure you are ready to respond if disaster strikes.

Have a Disaster Recovery Plan in Place

Prepare a disaster recovery plan, and ensure that critical personnel know it.

Your disaster recovery plan should clearly define your course of action in case of various possible disasters, including natural disaster and data breach. It should contain names and numbers of response personnel, details for security agencies, and who in the company will have what roles during the recovery process. It should be a simple and easily understood document, ready to be used during one of the most stressful moments a business can go through.

We highly recommend you contact a company that specialises in cybersecurity to assist you in preparing your disaster recovery plan, as having inaccurate or insufficient knowledge on the day could be even more disastrous for your business. Using a managed service provider for your IT or cybersecurity will greatly improve your disaster recovery plan, as they will have the relevant experience and knowledge of your systems to ensure the plan covers everything in as smooth and simple a way as possible.