The Vulnerability of Personal Devices in the Workplace

From the early days of mobile devices I have used my own device for work purposes and been compensated accordingly, but now the use of devices for both personal and business use is becoming a major cause for concern.

Just a few months ago a friend of mine, European manager for a large corporation, found herself with just that problem.  The responsibilities of the position required constant communication and consultation with Directors and key personnel across the organisation and using her personal mobile as her work device was OK with her.  But then she received notification that if she wanted to continue to use her personal smartphone then software would have to be installed and as and when she left the company her phone would be wiped, including her personal data! So what was her solution? She now carries two phones around with her!  What a pain!

Whether it is your own smartphone, tablet, laptop, or USB drive you are bringing into the workplace there’s a fundamental impact to the company’s IT security policies.  It’s a major cause of concern for companies trying to shut the door on vulnerabilities; cybercriminals will use any open door they can find to target an attack. The company has to find a way to protect their data, their business, and their reputation.  Personal devices that are being connected to the network and that don’t adhere to the IT infrastructure security policy are a major red flag.