The WatchGuard Red Exchange Program Rewards Security Conscious Decision-Making

Update – This exchange deal ends on April 30th; don’t hesitate, take advantage of this offer now! Contact us on 01342 333000

WatchGuard is offering two new programs for security-conscious businesses: The Red for Red and Red Instead exchange programs.

Which deal a company qualifies for is based on their current firewall hardware; those with outdated WatchGuard boxes are eligible for the Red for Red program, whereas any business with a non-WatchGuard security product is eligible for the Red Instead program.

This trade-up offer allows a business to exchange their existing security hardware for a WatchGuard T or M Series Firebox with a 3-year Security Suite package and pay only for the service subscription; thus getting the Firebox for free.

WatchGuard position themselves as the top-end of the network security sector, and intend to prove it by using deals such as this to show users the difference in service they can offer. They are relying on the sheer quality of their product to convince customers that their product is the clear winner, and are putting their money where their mouth is with this upfront deal. Kogo’s MD Martin Bannister said of WatchGuard: