Top Dogs and Accounts:

Image of Martin

Martin Bannister

Founder and Managing Director 
Likes: Formula 1 & Football
Dislikes: Tuna Sandwiches

Judith Harris

Finance Manager
Likes: The Theatre
Dislikes: Muddy football boots!

Lesley Curant

Office Manager
Likes: Gardening
Dislikes: Red Ants



Cyber-criminal Hunter
Likes: Walks & ball games
Dislikes: Cyber-criminals!

Sales and Marketing:

Kim Singer

Sales and Marketing Manager
Likes: City Breaks
Dislikes: Any form of nuts including Nutella!

Katie Thomas

Account Manager
Likes: The sea
Dislikes: Chickens

Georgia Banham

Digital Marketing Apprentice

The Tech Team:


Eddie Heron

Service Desk and Systems Manager
Likes: Motorsport
Dislikes: Ridiculous Business Jargon

John Newnham

Project Consultant
Likes: Hiking and Nintendo
Dislikes: Alarm clocks and roadworks

Rob Goodbrand

Project Consultant
Likes: Lacrosse
Dislikes: Slugs


Edward Oplaat-Perry

Service Desk Technician
Likes: British Rock
Dislikes: Grime

Adam Barnett

Service Desk Technician


Marius Bruzell

Service Desk Technician
Likes: Motorcycles
Dislikes: Anything slow

Image of Ross

Ross Williams

IT Consultant
Likes: Football, IT & Martial Arts
Dislikes: Scam IT Companies

Stu Filtness

IT Consultant 
Likes: Live music & festivals
Dislikes: Guinness all down the side of the glass