Top Dogs and Accounts:

Image of Martin

Martin Bannister

Founder and Managing Director 
Likes: Formula 1 & Football
Dislikes: Tuna Sandwiches

Judith Harris

Finance Manager
Likes: The Theatre
Dislikes: Muddy football boots!

Lesley Curant

Office Manager
Likes: Gardening
Dislikes: Red Ants

Sales and Marketing:

Ellie-May Bebb

Account Manager

Matthew Hannigan

Account Manager
Likes: Crystal Palace FC, Star Wars and Red Wine
Dislikes: Rude people

The Tech Team:

Lucie Warren

Operations Manager
Likes: Travel
Dislikes: Traffic jams, Potholes

Rob Goodbrand

3rd Line – Service Desk Technician
Likes: Lacrosse
Dislikes: Slugs

Stuart Filtness

2nd Line – Service Desk Technician
Likes: Live music & festivals
Dislikes: Guinness all down the side of the glass

Max Addinall

2nd Line – Service Desk Technician
Likes: Gaming, Airsoft
Dislikes: Cold weather

Mitch Appleton

Project Consultant 
Likes: Travel, Anything with an engine
Dislikes: Bad food

Image of Ross

Ross Williams

Installation and Support Engineer 
Likes: Football, IT & Martial Arts
Dislikes: Scam IT Companies

Nikki Parvin