5 Things a Woman Starting a Career in the IT/Tech Sector Should Know

Kim Singer, Sales and Marketing Manager at Kogo, started her career as an apprentice at British Telecom, and it was during this time she became one of a handful of employees in the UK with expertise in CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing). This skill catapulted her into an international career in high tech, leading to opportunities to live abroad and travel the world. Kim shares a few words of wisdom for women in tech and those wanting to join the sector:

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Our Ongoing Success

Kogo celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2018; it was a great time to launch a new website and have fun with a “Find the Hearts” competition to coincide with Valentines day, starting the year off in a good direction. As the Kogo team grew we had the challenge of finding more office space and in early spring a new home for our finance team was constructed in the corner of our warehouse; this, combined with reconfiguring the office layout, created an opportunity to expand both the technical and sales team.

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It will be the end of the road for Windows 7 in January 2020. Meaning that Microsoft will put an end to Windows 7 security updates, bug fixes, and all support

How to Dispose of Electrical Waste

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How to Recognise Email Scams

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The Importance of Backing Up

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How to Stay Safe and Protected Online!

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two screens

One is the Loneliest Number ♪ – Why You Will Love Having Two Screens!

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Office 365 – To Backup or Not to Backup: That is the Question.

Ever accidentally deleted, saved over or lost an important file? Then take a look at our blog on 5 quick reasons why backing up your Office 365 is a must!

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The Future Is In Our Employees

Here at Kogo, we place a real emphasis on upskilling our employees. We firmly believe that Kogo is only as good as our workforce and that’s why we are 100% committed to investing in our employees and their training!