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Securing your remote workforce

Before the pandemic, most businesses operated entirely from an office, and the notion of everyone working remotely was absurd. We thought we needed to come together and work to collaborate and ensure productivity. Eighteen months after all staff were forced to work from home, we realised that home working is possible. However, certain elements work better face to face.

Kogo ran a poll in April to determine the working patterns will be after the restrictions were lifted. Only 16% of respondents indicated they would return to the office.

The implications are massive, not only on making the operational changes to managing the remote workforce but also keeping them safe from Cyber-attacks. Attacks on remote workers have increased dramatically during the lockdown as criminals realised employees were isolated from the rest of their team and took advantage of this. Most businesses rushed to implement remote working solutions based on functionality and not necessarily security. Suppose this is to be the new norm! In that case, we must assess these new solutions to ensure they are secure and implement an effective user awareness training plan. It is time to put your foot on the ball and have a good look around you.

So, what should businesses be doing to ensure staff are safe and their valuable business assets are secure?

Download our worksheet on securing your remote workforce!

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