Kogo’s New 1-Click Customer Satisfaction Survey


Recently, Kogo introduced our new 1-click satisfaction survey. Replacing an old and long questionnaire, this survey is easy to complete and extremely helpful to us.

When we complete a service ticket for you as a client, you are e-mailed the resolution details with all the info about your ticket. In this e-mail you’ll also see 3 buttons: a green smiley face, a yellow neutral face, and a red sad face. The moment you click one of these 3 faces your choice is logged into our system and your response is marked against the support staff who worked on your ticket. You’ll also be given an opportunity to change your response or add a comment.

We have a screen set up in the heart of the office that displays our latest survey responses to everyone in the office. We’re always happy to see a wall of green smiley faces!

We love to receive green smiley faces, but in the rare instances that we do receive a neutral or negative response your account manager will call you and find out what we can do to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

If you want to see examples of the comments we’re receiving check our Twitter and Facebook page, where we post daily updates about how we’re doing on customer satisfaction and some of the great comments we’ve received.

We’re very proud of our current record: we have a 94.8% positive response rate, with 3.8% neutral and only 1.4% negative responses.

Just a few of the great responses we’ve received include:

“Dan was really helpful as always”

“A sensible solution, quickly delivered”


“Quick response. Provided great info”

So if we complete a service ticket for you, we’d greatly appreciate it if you’d click on our new satisfaction survey, so we can continue to improve and offer great support to all our clients.

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