One is the Loneliest Number ♪ – Why You Will Love Having Two Screens!

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We live in a heavily fast paced world where everything is needed instantly and unfortunately sometimes being patient just isn’t an option. This is why I’ve written a quick 5 tip guide as to why having two or more screens could not only save you time but can also increase you and your teams productivity by an average of 42%.

1. Multitasking

Living in this busy, fast paced world, we’re all often pressed for time! Using multiple screens allows you to become a master multitasker. You can complete more tasks in less time, meaning your evenings and weekends could now actually be used for having fun instead of working…Imagine that!

2. The Drag and Drop

Anyone else tired of hovering over a folder waiting to drop a file? Such a simple task, but can take so much longer than need be without a second screen. Having just one extra monitor will completely change the amount of time you spend waiting for everything to catch up with each other.

3. Productivity

If like mine, your job requires having about a million tabs and applications open, having two or more screens can seriously help maintain and manage everything that’s going on. Minimising and trying to find that one application when you need it, is highly frustrating, however, having multiple screens gets rid of all that hassle and allows you to keep things better organised.

4. Comparing products
Often, not enough research is done when purchasing products or services because we simply just don’t have the time, or in my case, the patience. This is when having multiple screens is a life saver! You can have one or more options of the product on one screen, while having some other options on the next, allowing you to make a better-informed (and quicker) decision.

 5. Makes training (and learning) easier

Having two or more screens can be highly beneficial when training either a new or existing employee. Not only for the person doing the training but equally for the employee being trained. Having an extra screen can help the trainee see clearly what they’re being shown and can make it easier for them to follow and complete tasks.

To sum up, I could give about a thousand more reasons as to why having two or more screens would benefit you but instead, just try it and see for yourself. Spend a week, or even just a day, using two or more screens. I guarantee you, you will not be able to let go and forever wonder how you ever managed to live without them!

Kogo can help you make the transition smooth, quick and easy, so get in touch today and let us help your business grow.

Any reasons I missed for why you love using multiple screens? Then join in the discussion and add them in the comments section below!

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  1. Steven Rizou
    Steven Rizou says:

    Very true!!! Love my 2nd screen – helps me visualize my work better and great for those pesky excel files.

    Can’t imagine my work without my screens…. it’s a necessity, just like my morning espresso!!

  2. Dave
    Dave says:

    My office has recently changed to dual monitors and everyone’s raving about them. I’m yet to see the major benefits but in terms of how they look, they’re pretty cool.


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