Email Scammers and the Threat to Your Business!

Whaling, or CEO fraud, is when scammers use social engineering to imitate a high ranking member of an organisation to manipulate the company. Find out more right here.

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Stop Ransomware 1 – What is Ransomware?

In the first part of our Stop Ransomware series find out what ransomware is, and why it’s so dangerous.

Mobile Security Solutions for any Business

Find out about the best mobile security solutions for your business in this age of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies in the office.

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How to Prepare for a Data Disaster

Data breach or disaster can occur at any time – find out how to properly protect your data and your business by preparing for disaster in advance.

How Can You Modernise Your Cybersecurity?

Find out how to bring your cybersecurity in line with modern threats and new technologies.

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Email Security Should be Seen as the Most Important Security Feature to any Business

Read ethical hacker Jed’s thoughts on just how important proper email security is, and how you can make sure your system is fully secured.


Chris, the Kogo Dispatcher

Find out about the role of the dispatcher in the Kogo support process, and how Kogo’s dispatcher Chris makes Kogo support run smoothly

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The WatchGuard Red Exchange Program Rewards Security Conscious Decision-Making

Find out about the WatchGuard firewall exchange deal, and how your business could benefit from taking part

Benefits of Managed Print Services

Find out about how Kogo’s new managed print services can support your business and save you money and time.

What is an MSP?

Find out what an MSP is, and how hiring one could benefit your business.