Kogo’s New 1-Click Customer Satisfaction Survey

Recently, Kogo introduced our new 1-click satisfaction survey. Replacing an old and long questionnaire, this survey is easy to complete and extremely helpful to us.

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Kogo Teamwork Secures Silver Partnership with Trend Micro

Cybersecurity is a critical issue for all businesses regardless of size. When it comes to cyber-threats things are changing radically.

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The Dangers of Disrupted Business Continuity

If you’re a business owner who uses any form of technology in your daily operations, downtime can be costly.

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StorageCraft Certified Master Engineer for Kogo

We are delighted to have our first StorageCraft Certified Master Engineer and we are naturally very proud of Ben Doyle for passing the rigorous exams involved with this achievement.

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Office 2016 – What You Need to Know

Office 2016 was released today, and many consumers are asking “Should I upgrade?” Today we have the latest information about what changes Office 2016 brings to help you decide whether or not you should upgrade.


Computer Security Best Practices

It’s not just our websites and online accounts that are at risk – our computers and devices are at constant risk of infection, malicious attack, and data theft on a regular basis. In this post, I’m going to go through a few of the ways you can harden your PC security and make your digital world a safer, easier place to be.